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News on Naked Crow, volume 6

Naked Crow book 1

Believe it or not, but the book might be approaching it’s final pages. 170 of them have been written so far and I think it turned out to be a decent story.

This doesn’t mean the book will be out soon as there’s a round of editing to be done, and I haven’t put any work into the cover yet, but I thought sharing this little update is a nice thing to do for those who await this book.

I’m not sure yet if there will be a book 7. So far no ideas have popped up for it, so don’t count on anything about that yet. This doesn’t mean there won’t be one, it might just take a while.

On the other hand I’m working on a small side project, a rather wild science-fiction-like story that I intend to post on here. Yes, a story you would read for free. I am still figuring that out. Writing that story isn’t easy because I’m trying to come up with a completely new setting and several other strange things and concepts.

I’ll try and keep you posted.

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