I admit. When I go mad, I go mad.

Long time ago I heard that the famous (infamous?) book “Fifty shades of grey” had been written on a smartphone. Really. No kidding. Look here.

Because of that, I had a mad idea. I wanted to write a story on a phone also. If my story will be as successful as Fifty Shades, I’ll be a happy chappy.

Well… I did it. Today I wrote the final words of that story. Over 62.000 words of story, all written on my phone.

Did I say I’m mad yet?

The story is a science fiction, alien encounter story, so everyone who hates SciFi can stop reading now. 😉 I’ve already found someone who offered to look the story over and point out the stupid bits I put into it, so the story’s not ready to be published yet. You can bet there are plenty of mistakes and typos in the text, but that is all going to be fixed.

For those who like science fiction, this is probably going to be the cover of the new book. I’m still messing with it, so don’t get your non-existent knickers in a knot if the thing looks different once the final product is unleashed into the wild, okay?

It wouldn’t surprise me if I am going to write a follow-up to it some day because the story has a very open ending.

Good news for SciFi fans, right?

Of course I’m doing more writing. After all, Unsworth Manor part 2 isn’t done yet, and that’s an important bit of history as well!

I guess that’s enough for one post. I hope you’re all doing well, and you’re as naked as you can. It’s not in the books here any more. Temperatures went the wrong way. Oh well, I’ll crank up the heating once in a while.

Have fun out there!


  1. Get a life mate. Seriously. If you’re as sad as my “naturist” father, then you’re a sad man indeed. I thought “naturism” was supposed to be non sexual, if so, how can you explain my father posting narcissistic drawings of himself sporting an erection on his “naturist art” website.

    • The explanation is that naturism is abused as a term for being naked and all kinds of sexual things. That has nothing to do with naturism. Just like scantily clad woman draped on cars have to do with selling cars.
      Proper naturism is to live without clothes as much as possible. Posing with an erection is porn, even when in a drawing. This is the battle most naturists face: the sexualisation of anything naked. I have a life. I am not sad. I’m sorry to say that your father is the sad one here.

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