Yes. There is an actual planning. Now don’t expect too much of this: I just had a look at the calendar and thought, “Yeah, December 8th is a good date.”

On that good date I plan to publish the e-book version of the second Unsworth Manor Nudes book.

More Unsworth Manor Nudes.

That will be the title of said publication. If you are on my Mewe contact list, you have already heard (read) that. Same goes for Twitter where I also spouted that title. Well, now the word is out, so let me give you an idea of the cover you should look for on or after December 8th:

If you have the impression it looks a bit like book one, you’re definitely paying attention. If you think it’s totally different… fine… 😉 In that case I suggest you buy the first book and then tell me again!

Well, that was the exciting news for today. I’m already working on the paperback version of the book, but that won’t be done by December 8th, I promise you that.

Warning up ahead: there will be talk of nudity in this book. 😉