I threatened that the e-book might come out on December 8th. And I do mean the one of this year.

Yes, it’s going to happen. Every wheel has been set in motion for you (and I stopped watching before I got dizzy). Things look promising: the book is already up for preorder in several e-book stores online. I’ve seen it on Apple, Kobo, Amazon and B&N so far.

So what is this book about?

Unsworth Manor has been abandoned. A war has left its ugly scars everywhere across Europe, many people are picking up the pieces and rebuild their lives. What will happen to the Manor? And who is Avery Montague? Follow the experiences of this wartime airplane pilot, who wants to settle down in England and make the best of life, and how he discovers the past of the building in “More Unsworth Manor Nudes”.

As you see, there’s something for everyone. Airplanes (not really), war (in a way), a Manor (definitely) and a pilot.