You may know (or not) that I’m working on the next Naked Crow book. Yes, that will be part 8 in the series. And before you run off to the book store: it’s not done yet.

I admit that I could have gotten it done by now, but then I would have been behind on More Unsworth Manor Nudes, and that would be a pity as well. So far I haven’t been able to follow up on the idea of simply quitting work and living off the proceeds of my book sales. (I’d manage to live on them for a few days at least though! 😉 )

As in book 7 (and 1 though 6), book 8 of Naked Crow will have a few Native American details. In this case there will be Paiute and Sioux influences.

Now, as usual, I want something special. Something that connects with either or perhaps even both those tribes. I found nothing for ‘both’ so that was out the window quickly. Sheer luck and a bit of good fortune combined, however, made that I ran into a lucky streak.

I’m fond of podcasts. Yesterday in the car, on the way home, I listened to a podcast that dealt with, indeed, something Paiute or Sioux. As you can see, I’m not spoilering things here. Suffice to say that this information on the podcast handed me something super solid to use in Naked Crow 8. I had already hunted down a few bits to use but this one is so good that I can toss all the research aside and go on with NC8.

On a separate note, I may have an idea for a third Unsworth book, which should or could be the conclusion of that storyline. Not sure about any of this yet, so