That’s for real. I was out for a walk just now, all bundled up (7C/44F) and a chilly wind, listening to a podcast. (The end of the world, with Josh Clark, I can recommend it.)

As I listened to that podcast (part 1), a few things in it struck me, as the talk was about aliens and the Fermi paradox. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve written and am still editing a new naturist science fiction story.

I can already tell you that this book has an open end, so there is space (pun intended, got it? Scifi? Space? 😉 ) for another book. And listening to this podcast handed me a few ideas on how to go about that next story.

Podcasts have proven to be valuable sources of ideas and twists to me so I’ll keep listening to them. I think I’d be mad to stop (as I learn so much from them too).

Here is the podcast, in case you’re interested

I think I’ll make this the last post on this blog for the year, so I’m going to wish all of you a wonderful step into the new year, even if that’s still some days from now.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my books and letting me know if you like them!