I had never thought I would have to write a story to get a story written. Does this sound weird? I guess it is.

What’s the matter…

I’m working on Naked Crow 8. In that story I ran into an intriguing thing that has to do with someone’s past which tie into things in the present. I tried an outline of things in the past to connect to the present, but that is not working.

So I have decided to write a story in which I detail all events from the past, which I can then use in writing the present (being Naked Crow 8). It’s the only way out of this, in order to keep things in order.

I have never ever had to do this before. I am shocked. This story puts me through additional work!

Naked Crow book 1

It looks that I have come a long way since the first naturist book I wrote. (I still remember where I was when I started that.)

The new Naked Crow story had better be worth it!