Who is P.Z. Walker?

P.Z. Walker is the pseudonym of Paul Kater. Yes, that’s me. I use this pen name to write about naturist and nudist themes, wrapped in fantasy and science fiction. Under my own name I also publish but nothing related to clothes free life themes. There’s still this problem that readers of non-naturist fiction often don’t accept ‘their’ author to dabble in other genres as well, and so the pen name came to life.

Why write about naturism and nudism?

I’ve been a naturist since quite a while and was curious if there was any fiction about it so I went on the lookout for naturist-themed books. I love reading. I found a book, bought and read it, and thought the story was good although the editing (if any had happened) was awful.

I thought I could do better. Reader’s responses to the several science fictions and a nice series of fantasy (the Naked Crow series) I have published so far have shown me I did indeed better. 🙂

My other books.

If you care to learn about my other books (fantasy, science fiction and also steampunk) you can find those at paulkater.com.