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Naked Crow

The first book in the Naked Crow series.

Meet Sheila Williams as she experiences new abilities and the disappearance of a friend.

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Evil Spirit

The second book in the Naked Crow series.

At the Mighty Oaks park strange occurrences call for strange actions. Sheila is the one to step in but will she be able to handle an evil spirit?

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The third book in the Naked Crow series.

Setting up a new naturist resort is already a challenge but when foreign forces decide to interfere, the task becomes even bigger…

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The fourth book in the Naked Crow series.

The world goes crazy around Sheila. Her best female friend is being harassed, Jeremy contemplates other things to do, and inside her head nothing remains as it was.

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Shadow Dancer

The fifth book in the Naked Crow series.

When Sheila hears from a friend that he’s trying to save the life of someone who tried something dangerous, she offers to help. Simply because no one else can.

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Nude in space

Nude in space takes us to a planet that’s hostile to many materials we use in our daily lives. The Earth has changed and large organisations are looking for a better place to live. Before that happens, the new planet needs to be tamed…

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Mirror Earth

A serious science fiction about parallel dimensions and discoveries of new worlds.

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