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The need for some serious thought and a glimpse of a cover.

Naked Crow

Naked Crow book 1

This is the book that started it all.

Naked Crow.

As you see, it’s not even numbered 1, as I had no idea that the book would become so popular that more of them would follow. Book 6 is currently in editing and we’re making good progress.

The strange thing is that these first 6 books came out of my head easily. Since a while I’ve been thinking about another book in the series. Bad for the followers of the blonde Shaman: so far nothing has come up.

This doesn’t mean the series will come to an end here. I just need a good idea to put into a follow-up book. As long as that isn’t there, the book won’t happen. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait to get a worthy next book in a good series, even if that means it takes a while before it comes out.

Mirror Earth



For now I’m working on Mirror Earth 3 and that will have some surprising stuff for everyone, I’m quite sure of that. We’ll meet Roger and Elisabeth again, and Professor Holger. There’s some travel involved so far (for the people on one of the Earths, not for me yet alas!) and discovery upon discovery will be unveiled.

I had a good ‘talk’ with fellow writer Will Forest, on Twitter known as NudeScribe, and that talk gave me a lot of great input to incorporate into this new story. Again this proves that a person never writes a book alone. The help, input, feedback and even moral support of others are very important.

Historical fiction

Yes. I’ve mentioned this before. The story’s written; I’m currently reworking it. This story was difficult to write. It took a while and also a lot of research. I can only hope it paid off. Let me at least share something of it with you.

The Unsworth Manor Nudes

This is what you can expect to see once the book’s published. As I’m still reworking it, that means it won’t be soon. I know, this is teasing. Deal with it. 😉


News on Naked Crow, volume 6

Naked Crow book 1

Believe it or not, but the book might be approaching it’s final pages. 170 of them have been written so far and I think it turned out to be a decent story.

This doesn’t mean the book will be out soon as there’s a round of editing to be done, and I haven’t put any work into the cover yet, but I thought sharing this little update is a nice thing to do for those who await this book.

I’m not sure yet if there will be a book 7. So far no ideas have popped up for it, so don’t count on anything about that yet. This doesn’t mean there won’t be one, it might just take a while.

On the other hand I’m working on a small side project, a rather wild science-fiction-like story that I intend to post on here. Yes, a story you would read for free. I am still figuring that out. Writing that story isn’t easy because I’m trying to come up with a completely new setting and several other strange things and concepts.

I’ll try and keep you posted.

A new site and some news


Last night I returned from a vacation to Lanzarote. It was nice, well deserved (I think) and very naturist as I was in the village of Charco del Palo.

During my vacation I did some serious writing and I’m glad to say that Naked Crow 6 is well underway. I didn’t just write, I also looked around and thought about things. Some of those thoughts might end up in Naked Crow 7. But that’s all chiseled in fleeting water for now.

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