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I admit. When I go mad, I go mad.

Long time ago I heard that the famous (infamous?) book “Fifty shades of grey” had been written on a smartphone. Really. No kidding. Look here.

Because of that, I had a mad idea. I wanted to write a story on a phone also. If my story will be as successful as Fifty Shades, I’ll be a happy chappy.

Well… I did it. Today I wrote the final words of that story. Over 62.000 words of story, all written on my phone.

Did I say I’m mad yet?

The story is a science fiction, alien encounter story, so everyone who hates SciFi can stop reading now. 😉 I’ve already found someone who offered to look the story over and point out the stupid bits I put into it, so the story’s not ready to be published yet. You can bet there are plenty of mistakes and typos in the text, but that is all going to be fixed.

For those who like science fiction, this is probably going to be the cover of the new book. I’m still messing with it, so don’t get your non-existent knickers in a knot if the thing looks different once the final product is unleashed into the wild, okay?

It wouldn’t surprise me if I am going to write a follow-up to it some day because the story has a very open ending.

Good news for SciFi fans, right?

Of course I’m doing more writing. After all, Unsworth Manor part 2 isn’t done yet, and that’s an important bit of history as well!

I guess that’s enough for one post. I hope you’re all doing well, and you’re as naked as you can. It’s not in the books here any more. Temperatures went the wrong way. Oh well, I’ll crank up the heating once in a while.

Have fun out there!

A new book. It’s history.


It took a while but it’s here. As of today, The Unsworth Manor Nudes is available in all the usual places!


Unsworth Manor, home of Cedric, Earl of Unsworth, his wife Margarete and their children. Margarete, of royal German descent, receives an invitation to visit her distant relative, Emperor Wilhelm II. They decide to make the journey. It will introduce them to a lifestyle that none of them had ever heard of before, but that will never leave them anymore.

The book is available at Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.nl, Amazon.it, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.ca, Amazon.au, Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobo.

Keep your eye on this page for other places where the book will become available, or for when the paperback comes out. 🙂

Naked Crow 6! It’s ready and really out there.

Naked Crow 6

It’s really true. The book is out there for you. I’m so happy about this. When I first started writing Naked Crow, I had no idea if anyone would want to read it. You read it. And the next books.

I’m very proud and also humbled by all your encouragement and nice comments about this series… It’s for you that I wrote them.

If you want to run to Amazon, go here. If you want the paperback, go here. All the other stores are listed on this page about the book.

Nude Paul wavingThank you once again. You make me feel proud.


Are you ready for more Mirror Earth?

Mirror Earth Revisited

Mirror Earth Revisited

Yes! It’s out and ready for whoever has been waiting for it.

In this sequel to “Mirror Earth”, Elisabeth and Roger live happy lives on the other Earth. They are still adjusting, but there are many people around to help them along. Denise, Walter, Jane and Sarah are back on their home Earth. Due to what’s called the failure of the time-fluxer project things aren’t that great. The scientists go on because they have to. Unfortunately they only have each other to fall back on because Professor Holger has little love left for them. Everyone thinks the troubles with the time-fluxer are over. It’s time to think again.

The e-book is available at Smashwords, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, (and DE, NL, IT, FR, ES, CA, AU), Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobobooks.

The paperback is available through Createspace. (Yes, it got done in time!)

A book is looking for a date. With you.

mirrorearthrevisited2bevel_webDear all,

It’s done, arranged, planned, stripped of any clothing that’s not needed.

I have a date for Mirror Earth Revisited. On November 23rd, 2016 of this year the e-book will become available at all the usual places. (I’m talking about Amazon.anywhere, Smashwords, Apple iTunes, Barnes&Noble and so on.)

Advance notice: start saving 299 pennies. I’ve priced this book the same as Mirror Earth, quite low, as to make it available to as many people as possible.

I know. I’m great like that. Don’t growl if your local outlet asks a little bit more. That is due to taxes and stuff and therefore out of my control. And wallet, unfortunately…

The cover you’ve been waiting for…

Hi folks,

I’m no longer going to keep you waiting. Until now I’ve managed to ‘sit’ on the cover for Mirror Earth Revisited but today’s the day I’m going to let you see it.


That’s what you’ll have to be happy with for now. I’m still working on getting the actual (e-)books created and looking decent. I hope to be ready for the e-book launch in a few weeks. The paperback demands more work and more waiting (once the files for that are okay I want to see a proof print which takes a while to get here) but that will come too. Promise.

A sequel to Mirror Earth

Mirror Earth.

At first I envisioned Mirror Earth as a one-off naturist science fiction, but more and more people talked about it, and more and more they asked if there would be a sequel. Then they asked when the sequel would come. Mind you, I still had no intention to write a sequel to it, even though the future world in Mirror Earth had some potential for that. And now it’s really happening.

How far is it?

The editing process on Mirror Earth 2 is going well and even the cover for the e-book’s done. I hope to have the book ready and out somewhere in December, at least the e-book. That would make for a nice Christmas present, wouldn’t it? (Paper books require a lot of extra work but I’ll try for that too.) Of course the book isn’t going to be titled “Mirror Earth 2”.

The title..

Okay, here is what you came here for:

Mirror Earth Revisited Title

Yes… Mirror Earth Revisited.

And another yes: that’s part of the cover you see here. Well, I’d better get back to work on it!

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