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The planning for the next book

Yes. There is an actual planning. Now don’t expect too much of this: I just had a look at the calendar and thought, “Yeah, December 8th is a good date.”

On that good date I plan to publish the e-book version of the second Unsworth Manor Nudes book.

More Unsworth Manor Nudes.

That will be the title of said publication. If you are on my Mewe contact list, you have already heard (read) that. Same goes for Twitter where I also spouted that title. Well, now the word is out, so let me give you an idea of the cover you should look for on or after December 8th:

If you have the impression it looks a bit like book one, you’re definitely paying attention. If you think it’s totally different… fine… 😉 In that case I suggest you buy the first book and then tell me again!

Well, that was the exciting news for today. I’m already working on the paperback version of the book, but that won’t be done by December 8th, I promise you that.

Warning up ahead: there will be talk of nudity in this book. 😉

Mirror Earth 3. Finally!

Mirror Earth

Mirror Earth 3.

I can’t believe it almost took me a year to get this book done. Mirror Earth 3 is finally becoming a reality.

So what was the delay?

Numerous things, as usual in modern life. A new job, problems with my Dad and his health (he’s 94 and his mind is slipping away rapidly), to mention just a few. Also keeping the story line intact,  and keeping all the characters, places and facts from the previous books in place took up a lot of time. Not to mention the corners I wrote myself into and had to find a way out of (through imagination and rewriting complete chapters…)

But now it’s done, edited and I’m working on creating the actual files that become books. Making the e-book is the least effort so that will be done and available quite soon, perhaps even at the end of the week. Let’s hope so, because I know many of you are waiting for that one. And truth be told: so am I!

So now it’s about time that I divulge the proper title of the book and show you the cover that I designed for it. Oh – the cover. That was quite the trip also. Can you believe how difficult it can be to find good images for a cover? By which I mean images that aren’t only good-looking but that you can actually get permission for to use? Remember, not everything that is out on the internet is yours for the grab-and-use. There are things like copyright to remember.

Mirror Earth Network.

There you have it. That’s the title of the third Mirror Earth book. And here is the cover:

I’m proud of it. It shows so much of the story. At this point I already want to thank Will Forest for his help in making this book better through his edits and tips, Andy Golub for allowing me to use one of his bodypaint images on the cover, and Maurice “Mo” Smith for the same.

And thank you, everyone out there waiting, for your patience. Rushing a project like this is never going to make anything better.

I’ll do what I can to (at least) get the e-books out soonest. Paperbacks always require a little more work…


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