The plunge

Looooong (yes, really, that long) ago I started writing a kind of mystery fantasy story. It’s basically finished and written now, apart from the observing eye of an editing person – still need to ask someone to take that plunge.

There is always something that needs to be changed or edited or improved. Even deleted. It’s good to have friends who are willing to do that. Someone who dares to point at something and says, “Gods, you did something majorly stupid there! Fix it!”

My little problem here is that there is something I need to fix in the story. There’s something I thought I’d bolt on to it later but as I was getting the toolkit out to do the bolting, I noticed this was the wrong spot for it.

This means I have to alter something in the story and I really don’t know where to do that.

The good thing is that all of you out there don’t know about this story so I can take my time fixing the thing. After that I will find someone to do the plunging (I guess that’s a plunger, right? 😉 ) and see if there is something basically not broken in the story.

Hey ho, and onwards!