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What does a book look like before it’s a book

Look here. Do you see this?

This is how a book looks before it’s a book. At least on my side of the not-yet-a-book.

Doesn’t look like much, does it? And still, what you see there is the result of weeks and months of writing, thinking, deleting text, adding text, changing bits and hoping everything still makes some sense in the grand picture.

That jumble up there is going to result in a proper book that will look like this:

Yes. That sad set of files in the first image make up the cover and the contents of the first Murphys In Space book. The first, yes, because there will be another one. At least one. And now I have reached the point where I can turn it into an actual book. All the edits are applied, comments are considered, cracks are sealed and stupid things have been unstupided. (Yes, as of now that’s a word. Take my word for it.)

It’s going to happen! Yay! 😀

Out for a walk, cold and inspirational

That’s for real. I was out for a walk just now, all bundled up (7C/44F) and a chilly wind, listening to a podcast. (The end of the world, with Josh Clark, I can recommend it.)

As I listened to that podcast (part 1), a few things in it struck me, as the talk was about aliens and the Fermi paradox. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve written and am still editing a new naturist science fiction story.

I can already tell you that this book has an open end, so there is space (pun intended, got it? Scifi? Space? 😉 ) for another book. And listening to this podcast handed me a few ideas on how to go about that next story.

Podcasts have proven to be valuable sources of ideas and twists to me so I’ll keep listening to them. I think I’d be mad to stop (as I learn so much from them too).

Here is the podcast, in case you’re interested

I think I’ll make this the last post on this blog for the year, so I’m going to wish all of you a wonderful step into the new year, even if that’s still some days from now.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my books and letting me know if you like them!


Naked Crow 7 and a surprise

Naked Crow 7. What about it?

Over at MeWe someone asked when Naked Crow 7 would come out. I had to disappoint him.

The kind person in question responded to my cheerful outburst that I had added over 900 words to the story that day, which sounds like a lot. Considering that an average Naked Crow story consists of around 70,000 words, 900 words isn’t much, but it adds a nice amount, certainly.

There was a problem with this story. With all my best intentions I started writing, adding some sub-stories to it. After some 25,000 words I discovered that the start of one of the sub-lines in the story wasn’t touched any more. It had nothing to add to the story, so I had to go back and rip that out. Which meant there was a hole in the story that I had to fill up. In order to do so I had to rip out more bits and pieces.

In the end 18,000 words remained, setting me back quite a bit. Yes, I slaughtered some 7,000 words. And they need to be added in order to get the story up to where it was before I started the massacre. But the book will be better for it!

So what’s the surprise?

No, it’s not Naked Crow 8 yet, sorry. 😉

Instead I’m working on two more stories. One is a science fiction-ish book about Henry and Hannah who get thrown into a strange situation. I already know what the cover of this book will look like, which is remarkable. Usually I know this by the time I reach the last chapter.

Nude Beach

Yes, the new sci-fi has to do with a nude beach…

The other book is about Emma Nelson who starts off as a cook in a university kitchen. Her life undergoes an odd change when something happens. I have the ‘something’ written but I feel I have to change that. A lot. Plenty of options have already come up for that. This story is an urban fantasy, which means that fantasy and real world will mix.

Hmm, in that light, the book about Henry and Hannah will be an urban science fiction. Gosh… I had to look that up and it turns out that more people came up with that. Have a look at goodreads. Of course those aren’t naturist urban science fiction books! 😀

Well, I hope you like this update on what I’m doing at the moment. I’ll try and keep in touch a bit more frequently.

Coming week I’ll be off for a while, on a short trip to the Canary Islands, for some sunshine and relaxing. My work situation is somewhat unstable at the moment so I need to get away from it all. It will also help me figure out a few story-related things, I’m convinced.

Stay well. Stay nude.

More science fiction in the works. Happy new year!

Hi everyone,

Let’s hope this new year brings good things.

Good things I have cooking.

 Of course there’s Mirror Earth 3. That book is making things difficult for me but that’s okay. For me anyway. I’m sorry you have to wait for it for so long. At the moment I have 210 pages written so there is some progress.

Then there’s Naked Crow 7. That one gave me a headache for quite a while. I knew a few basic things that I wanted to have in that story but tying it all together into something comprehensible and interesting was an entirely different thing. It’s slowly coming off the ground now, though, which is a good thing.


And then there’s a surprising, strange thing. I started writing a new science fiction. I had no plan to make that naturist based but somehow it morphed into that. It’s fascinating to see that happen, let me tell you. The strangeness doesn’t end there: as I had the initial idea for the story I started writing it on my phone. A day later I found out that the book “50 shades of grey” was written on a phone as well so I took up the challenge. I am writing this entire story on my phone. So far I’m 11 chapters in and it looks promising! This story is entirely different from the Mirror Earth books or from Nude in Space. It’s something that might happen in the present. Something peculiar is that I already have a fair idea what the cover of the book will look like, which is quite new for me. Usually I start worrying about that when a story’s mostly finished. Oh – before you think it’s about UFOs… close but no cigar. Yet. And this image won’t be the cover. 😉

I really hope I can get at least two of those books ready and published for you all in 2018.

Let’s see what comes out of those good intentions. I wish all of you a great new year with lots of nude opportunities!



Are you ready for more Mirror Earth?

Mirror Earth Revisited

Mirror Earth Revisited

Yes! It’s out and ready for whoever has been waiting for it.

In this sequel to “Mirror Earth”, Elisabeth and Roger live happy lives on the other Earth. They are still adjusting, but there are many people around to help them along. Denise, Walter, Jane and Sarah are back on their home Earth. Due to what’s called the failure of the time-fluxer project things aren’t that great. The scientists go on because they have to. Unfortunately they only have each other to fall back on because Professor Holger has little love left for them. Everyone thinks the troubles with the time-fluxer are over. It’s time to think again.

The e-book is available at Smashwords, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, (and DE, NL, IT, FR, ES, CA, AU), Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobobooks.

The paperback is available through Createspace. (Yes, it got done in time!)

A book is looking for a date. With you.

mirrorearthrevisited2bevel_webDear all,

It’s done, arranged, planned, stripped of any clothing that’s not needed.

I have a date for Mirror Earth Revisited. On November 23rd, 2016 of this year the e-book will become available at all the usual places. (I’m talking about Amazon.anywhere, Smashwords, Apple iTunes, Barnes&Noble and so on.)

Advance notice: start saving 299 pennies. I’ve priced this book the same as Mirror Earth, quite low, as to make it available to as many people as possible.

I know. I’m great like that. Don’t growl if your local outlet asks a little bit more. That is due to taxes and stuff and therefore out of my control. And wallet, unfortunately…

The cover you’ve been waiting for…

Hi folks,

I’m no longer going to keep you waiting. Until now I’ve managed to ‘sit’ on the cover for Mirror Earth Revisited but today’s the day I’m going to let you see it.


That’s what you’ll have to be happy with for now. I’m still working on getting the actual (e-)books created and looking decent. I hope to be ready for the e-book launch in a few weeks. The paperback demands more work and more waiting (once the files for that are okay I want to see a proof print which takes a while to get here) but that will come too. Promise.

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