A story for the sake of a story

I had never thought I would have to write a story to get a story written. Does this sound weird? I guess it is.

What’s the matter…

I’m working on Naked Crow 8. In that story I ran into an intriguing thing that has to do with someone’s past which tie into things in the present. I tried an outline of things in the past to connect to the present, but that is not working.

So I have decided to write a story in which I detail all events from the past, which I can then use in writing the present (being Naked Crow 8). It’s the only way out of this, in order to keep things in order.

I have never ever had to do this before. I am shocked. This story puts me through additional work!

Naked Crow book 1

It looks that I have come a long way since the first naturist book I wrote. (I still remember where I was when I started that.)

The new Naked Crow story had better be worth it!

What does a book look like before it’s a book

Look here. Do you see this?

This is how a book looks before it’s a book. At least on my side of the not-yet-a-book.

Doesn’t look like much, does it? And still, what you see there is the result of weeks and months of writing, thinking, deleting text, adding text, changing bits and hoping everything still makes some sense in the grand picture.

That jumble up there is going to result in a proper book that will look like this:

Yes. That sad set of files in the first image make up the cover and the contents of the first Murphys In Space book. The first, yes, because there will be another one. At least one. And now I have reached the point where I can turn it into an actual book. All the edits are applied, comments are considered, cracks are sealed and stupid things have been unstupided. (Yes, as of now that’s a word. Take my word for it.)

It’s going to happen! Yay! 😀

Out for a walk, cold and inspirational

That’s for real. I was out for a walk just now, all bundled up (7C/44F) and a chilly wind, listening to a podcast. (The end of the world, with Josh Clark, I can recommend it.)

As I listened to that podcast (part 1), a few things in it struck me, as the talk was about aliens and the Fermi paradox. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve written and am still editing a new naturist science fiction story.

I can already tell you that this book has an open end, so there is space (pun intended, got it? Scifi? Space? 😉 ) for another book. And listening to this podcast handed me a few ideas on how to go about that next story.

Podcasts have proven to be valuable sources of ideas and twists to me so I’ll keep listening to them. I think I’d be mad to stop (as I learn so much from them too).

Here is the podcast, in case you’re interested

I think I’ll make this the last post on this blog for the year, so I’m going to wish all of you a wonderful step into the new year, even if that’s still some days from now.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my books and letting me know if you like them!


More Unsworth Manor Nudes – paperback

Hooray, I can say.

Unsworth Manor’s here to stay.

Well, in a way.

The paperback proof just came in and I think it’s looking very good:

It’s approved on the website so now it is a matter of waiting for their review process before it’s for sale.


Fun bits of the unexpected kind

You may know (or not) that I’m working on the next Naked Crow book. Yes, that will be part 8 in the series. And before you run off to the book store: it’s not done yet.

I admit that I could have gotten it done by now, but then I would have been behind on More Unsworth Manor Nudes, and that would be a pity as well. So far I haven’t been able to follow up on the idea of simply quitting work and living off the proceeds of my book sales. (I’d manage to live on them for a few days at least though! 😉 )

As in book 7 (and 1 though 6), book 8 of Naked Crow will have a few Native American details. In this case there will be Paiute and Sioux influences.

Now, as usual, I want something special. Something that connects with either or perhaps even both those tribes. I found nothing for ‘both’ so that was out the window quickly. Sheer luck and a bit of good fortune combined, however, made that I ran into a lucky streak.

I’m fond of podcasts. Yesterday in the car, on the way home, I listened to a podcast that dealt with, indeed, something Paiute or Sioux. As you can see, I’m not spoilering things here. Suffice to say that this information on the podcast handed me something super solid to use in Naked Crow 8. I had already hunted down a few bits to use but this one is so good that I can toss all the research aside and go on with NC8.

On a separate note, I may have an idea for a third Unsworth book, which should or could be the conclusion of that storyline. Not sure about any of this yet, so

Unsworth 2. It’s going to happen.

I threatened that the e-book might come out on December 8th. And I do mean the one of this year.

Yes, it’s going to happen. Every wheel has been set in motion for you (and I stopped watching before I got dizzy). Things look promising: the book is already up for preorder in several e-book stores online. I’ve seen it on Apple, Kobo, Amazon and B&N so far.

So what is this book about?

Unsworth Manor has been abandoned. A war has left its ugly scars everywhere across Europe, many people are picking up the pieces and rebuild their lives. What will happen to the Manor? And who is Avery Montague? Follow the experiences of this wartime airplane pilot, who wants to settle down in England and make the best of life, and how he discovers the past of the building in “More Unsworth Manor Nudes”.

As you see, there’s something for everyone. Airplanes (not really), war (in a way), a Manor (definitely) and a pilot.

The planning for the next book

Yes. There is an actual planning. Now don’t expect too much of this: I just had a look at the calendar and thought, “Yeah, December 8th is a good date.”

On that good date I plan to publish the e-book version of the second Unsworth Manor Nudes book.

More Unsworth Manor Nudes.

That will be the title of said publication. If you are on my Mewe contact list, you have already heard (read) that. Same goes for Twitter where I also spouted that title. Well, now the word is out, so let me give you an idea of the cover you should look for on or after December 8th:

If you have the impression it looks a bit like book one, you’re definitely paying attention. If you think it’s totally different… fine… 😉 In that case I suggest you buy the first book and then tell me again!

Well, that was the exciting news for today. I’m already working on the paperback version of the book, but that won’t be done by December 8th, I promise you that.

Warning up ahead: there will be talk of nudity in this book. 😉

Finally. More historic fiction coming your way.

Okay, it’s not going to be tomorrow or next week, but I’ve finally gotten to the end of all the edits, changes and improvements for The Unsworth Manor Nudes follow-up story. Eternal thanks to Mr Ted Bun for all the work and support!

Next thing I am going to worry about it to come up with the cover for the book. I already have some ideas, so that’s a good thing. Now all I need it time. 😀

And then, I kid you not, I am planning to write more historic naturist fiction. I already know what that will be about, I just need (yes) time to do more research. And more tea. Which I will get now.

I admit. When I go mad, I go mad.

Long time ago I heard that the famous (infamous?) book “Fifty shades of grey” had been written on a smartphone. Really. No kidding. Look here.

Because of that, I had a mad idea. I wanted to write a story on a phone also. If my story will be as successful as Fifty Shades, I’ll be a happy chappy.

Well… I did it. Today I wrote the final words of that story. Over 62.000 words of story, all written on my phone.

Did I say I’m mad yet?

The story is a science fiction, alien encounter story, so everyone who hates SciFi can stop reading now. 😉 I’ve already found someone who offered to look the story over and point out the stupid bits I put into it, so the story’s not ready to be published yet. You can bet there are plenty of mistakes and typos in the text, but that is all going to be fixed.

For those who like science fiction, this is probably going to be the cover of the new book. I’m still messing with it, so don’t get your non-existent knickers in a knot if the thing looks different once the final product is unleashed into the wild, okay?

It wouldn’t surprise me if I am going to write a follow-up to it some day because the story has a very open ending.

Good news for SciFi fans, right?

Of course I’m doing more writing. After all, Unsworth Manor part 2 isn’t done yet, and that’s an important bit of history as well!

I guess that’s enough for one post. I hope you’re all doing well, and you’re as naked as you can. It’s not in the books here any more. Temperatures went the wrong way. Oh well, I’ll crank up the heating once in a while.

Have fun out there!

Do you remember the Naked Crow series? (Warning: new release!)

I’m quite certain you do.

There is news on this matter. It is news in the shape of a new book. For now a new e-book (which, I admit, is quite shapeless).

Naked Crow 7 cover

This is what I’m talking about. The e-book is rolling out to Smashwords and Amazon as I type this, and once Amazon has approved it, the book should also be available on many other platforms.

What can you expect?

A mysterious archer goes around, shooting people seemingly at random. Since the arrows clearly have a Native American origin, the police get in touch with Sheila. While this goes on, Josy gets into an occupational tight spot.

Sheila is also put in charge of handling a theatre group that wants to perform a play at the Mighty Oaks resort, while she’s looking after two special guests of whom she grows quite fond.

Then there’s the big surprise that Jeremy has for Sheila, but that’s not all: Mandy and Josy team up to arrange something special for Sheila and Jeremy.

These and more adventures are waiting for you. Dive right in. Just don’t get hit by Sacred Arrows.

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